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Mega Castle (18x20)

Dome Castle (18x18) *NEW*

Celebration Caste (15x18)

Fun Castle (15x15)

Scooby Doo Castle (14x16)

Stars Castle (15x15)

Scooby Adventure Castle (15x15)

Party Castle (15x15)

Dragon Castle (15x15) *NEW*

Woodlands Castle (15x15)

Princess Castle (12x14) *NEW*

Peppa Pig Castle (12x14) *NEW*

Frozen Castles (12x14) *NEW*

Clouds Castle (12x14)

Jungle Castle (11x14)

Cars Castle (11x14) *POPULAR*

Farm Yard Castle (10x13) *NEW*

Bear & Friends (10x13) *NEW*

Teddy Bear Castle (10x10)

Supa Bounce (10x10)

Tweenies Castle (10x10) *NEW*

Tarzan Castle (9x11) *NEW*

Fantasy Castle (7x12)

Ballon Castle (8x8)

Rodeo Bull *NEW*

Didi Cars

Candy Floss


Slush Puppy

Sno Cone

Face Painting


Micky Mouse Mascot

Peppa Pig Mascot

Dieago Mascot

Dora The Explorer Mascot

Donald Duck Mascot

Gladiator Joust

Mega Slide

Bungee Run

Garden Games









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OFFICE: 01462 815067

MOBILE: 07932 607470


We offer manned mascots to your party or at any event for that matter!




Softplay is a huge attraction for the little ones so book your softplay package today!




Adult Castles

All the following castles are suitable for teenagers and adults or ideal for family get-togethers as all ages can use these sizes. Equally useful to have a larger castle for a large event. Don't forget you can put any age on a castle that is suitable for adults but the smaller junior castles are not safe for anyone over the age of 12.




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15x15 Dragon Castle




15x15 Scooby Doo Castle




15x15 Woodland Castle




18x20 Mega Castle




15x18 Celebrations Castle





18x18 Dome Castle




To book a adults castle please call the office on 01462 815067 to be able for us to book your castle.




From £95.00

From £95.00

From £95.00

From £95.00

From £150.00

From £125.00